Monday, 14 April 2014

Laura Mercier Petite Baked Eye Colour Bonbons in Amethyst - Review!

Hello beauty birds!!
I hope you're all having a good day, I'm coming to the end of 5 days off work, which has been pure bliss!! I meant to get more blogging done but laziness took over and I just wanted to chill out and read and watch TV, I'm sure you can sympathise!

Today I'm going to do a review I've been meaning to do for a while (what's new there?), the Laura Mercier Petite Baked Eye Colour Bonbons (longest name EVER!).
I got this small palette in the SpaceNK sale for only £10, it has three shadows in it and for £10 I think it's a good deal! But it was previously £20 which I never would have paid!
Purples are my favourite colours to wear on my eyes, I think they compliment a neutral eye really well as a pop of colour.
The good thing about these shadows is that they can be used wet or dry, dry they give a lovely sheer but buildable coverage, and if you use them with a damp eyeshadow brush then you get a much stronger colour.

I love the packaging of all Laura Mercier products, they're so dainty and cute! 
This palette is perfect to just slip in your bag or luggage when you're tight on space, if you supplemented it with a single neutral eyeshadow you would have all you need to create some great eye looks!

This palette isn't currently available to buy but I think they always bring them out around Christmas time so keep your eyes peeled for it! I'll be picking up some more of them if I see them in the sale again that's for sure :)

Toodles!! x

Sunday, 6 April 2014

L'Oreal Feria Extreme Ombre - Review!

Hello beauty bees!! 
Today I'm going to do a review on the new exciting development I've made to my hair, a dip-dye!! 
Yes, I've had one of them before, (see my previous post about the L'Oreal Wild Ombre kit, link here) but that was when my hair was long, now it's short I wanted to do it again because I love the look of ombre's on shoulder length hair! 

Personally I think the models hair is a bit short for a dip-dye, looks silly! But moving onto my hair!
This is the colour it was before I bleached it, a pretty standard, boring brown! I needed to do something to spice up my hair, if you know me and my blog at all you'll know that I dye my hair more times than the seasons change!
I got the brunette version, but you can also get a ombre kit for blondes too if you don't want such a dramatic lightening effect.
I'll give you brief instructions now, but if you want a more comprehensive guide to how to use this kit then please refer to my last post about the Wild Ombre kit, as this is basically the same as that but with a stronger bleach solution.
After I'd done all that I applied it to my hair with the supplied ''expert'' brush, but I found it a bit of a faff on short hair so I just ended up using my hands, I had gloves so I didn't get any bleach on my hands.
I put the bleach up to about halfway up my ears, I thought that was enough so the dip-dye was obvious but not too much so I looked like the model on the front of the box haha!
As you can see, this wasn't a precise art from me haha I'm more of a suck it and see kind of gal!
Then I waited 45 minutes and rinsed out the bleach, then used the moisturising shampoo that you get with it, which I really like!
And this is what I ended up with;
 It looks more orange in some of the pictures than it is in real life, it's actually a really nice dark blonde colour!
I'm super happy with it, and I've had tons of compliments on it already! I think it's one of my better hair experiments haha! 
It makes my hair look loads thicker and, even though the texture is a bit dryer, it still feels in good condition despite the bleach! 
I'm really excited to be part of the dip-dye club again!! I've had to buy some more purple shampoo so it doesn't go too brassy though, it's a must!
L'Oreal Feria Extreme Ombre is available from Boots & Superdrug for £5.99.
Toodles! x

Friday, 4 April 2014

Beauty Haul.

Hello beauty buddies!
I hope you're all feeling well, I've got bad toothache at the moment so I'm off work, I need to see if I can get a emergency appointment at the dentists which is a bit scary!
But I thought I'd do a bit of blogging to take my mind off it all!
I've got a few beauty bits that I've bought recently so I thought I'd give you a little bit of a haul! 
I've recently ran out of my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish so I wanted some new skincare products to try out.
I've never really paid much attention to the B.Skincare range from Superdrug before but these were on offer so I gave them a look, and they sounded really interesting!
B.Clean Melting Gel Cleanser is a gel that turns into a milky cleanser when you rub it into damp skin, I like how it makes my skin feel although don't use it on your eyes! I tried it and it stung like a bee-yatch!! 
B.Refined Exfoliating Cleanser is a traditional scrubby type exfoliator, but it also has some Salicylic Acid in it which makes it a chemical exfoliant also, so I though that sounded really interesting!
I'll be doing a full review on these soon so if you want to know more then keep your eyes peeled for that :)
B.Refined Exfolating Cleanser is £2.73 in Superdrug & B.Clean Melting Gel Cleanser is £3.52 as they're on better than half price at the moment!

 I had the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair before, but when it ran out I decided I'd try new concealers instead of buying this one again....BIG mistake!
This concealer is brilliant, it doesn't crease under my eyes, it gives flawless coverage the colour match, for me, is brilliant! The range has recently added a few more shades so hopefully everyone would be able to find one to suit them.
The packaging isn't the best, the writing was rubbing off by the time I got it home from Boots haha, but who cares when the product inside is so good?!
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is priced at £4.19 at Boots & Superdrug.

 I love the Revlon Colorstay foundation so when I was shopping around for a new concealer and spotted this one I thought great! It'll be full coverage and matte, just like the foundation.
But the Revlon Colorstay Concealer is very disappointing, I didn't like the coverage, found when I applied with a brush or my fingers that it was hard to blend and it wasn't very matte.
I'll keep trying to use it but to be honest, I'm very underwhelmed!
Revlon Colorstay Concealer is £6.99 from Boots and Superdrug.

 Sorry for the out of focus picture! I've got a new camera recently so I'm just adjusting to it.
I've heard SO much about the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara so I picked it up in Dark Brown and to be honest I'm in two minds! Sometimes I love it, sometimes I feel like it's too hard to work with and dries my eyebrows up into crispy caterpillars! 
I will always use pencil on my eyebrows, I just love a dramatic effect!, but this sculpting mascara is good for putting over pencil to make it look more ''natural''.
Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara is available for £4.99 from Boots and Superdrug.

 I love a Barry M polish! Especially the Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes they do, I'm a huge fan, so when I saw the new Spring drop I HAD to pick at least one up!!
This gorgeous mint green shade is called Sugar Apple, it's quite a cool mint so is flattering on my pale skin!
The glitter is from the new Aquarium range of Barry M polishes, this shade is called Mermaid and, as you can see in the picture above, is a clear base filled with deep blue, emerald green and gold glitter shards in it.
The other red polish is one I got free from a gift promotion from The Sun newspaper, it looks like a nice red but when it's on the nails it's too sheer, so I don't like it and will probably give it away.
Barry M Gelly nail paints and the Aquarium range are both £3.99 from Boots or Superdrug.

 Not much can be said about 10 emery boards from Superdrug really, you get loads for a bargain price! These are pretty bad for your nails so I've heard but I still use them because they get the job done!
10 Emery Boards from Superdrug are 99p.

I got this lemon sherbet masque from Primark because they had a range of new Montagne Jeunesse face masks, and I can't resist a good face mask! I buy them way quicker than I use them so I always have a healthy supply haha.
I also picked up a manuka honey peel off masque but I used that before I had a chance to photograph it, oopsy!! But it was lovely, and manuka honey is having a beauty ''moment'' right now so it's very current!
The exclusive Montagne Jeunesse face masques are available for 90p from Primark.

And that's my haul for now! I'm sure I'll have another one up before long, you know me, money burns a hole in my pocket!!
Thanks for reading! x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

BeautySheRANTS! - Finding The Right Foundation For Your Skintone.

Hello and welcome to a new series on my blog!! 
We all get annoyed by things and, as I'm British, I certainly love a good rant and moan (plus a queue, Brits love a queue!!).
So I thought I'd start a series where I rant about the most annoying things in the beauty world in my opinion, and when I decided to do this it was a no-brainer what topic I would rant about first, because nothing riles me beauty-wise more than the struggle us women go through when we're trying to match a foundation to our faces!
Like this lady, you could just improvise and use terracotta paint instead, but if you're wanting your foundation to look like ''skin'' then you face a huge struggle!

We all love foundation, it makes our skin flawless and, unless you have perfect skin, it is basically an essential in most womens makeup kits.
But the terrible range of shades is something I've noticed for a while, particularly in the drugstore!

If you want to go more high end then Bobbi Brown are amazing, they're the reigning kings/queens of foundation shades with colours ranging from alabaster to espresso, but their foundations are expensive and not everyone has the budget for them, particularly if they're still at school or college.

I'm an extremely pale person, my skin is always the lightest shade any foundation offers and even then it's usually a bit too dark, but drugstore foundations have upped their game when it comes to pale girls lately with Rimmel and MUA offering brilliant, affordable foundations in the shades that we need.

But the same, sadly, can't be said for dark skinned girls, their choices are shockingly limited and it always angers me whenever I look at the selection on offer!
Take Rimmel for example, their Match Perfection foundation is great for pale ladies, Light Porcelain is a perfect match for my skin, but for a range that boasts to ''perfectly match'' your skin, it baffles me that their darkest shade in this range is barely a medium! 
Same goes for their Wake Me Up range of foundation, they've recently added a lighter shade to the lineup but no trace of any darker shades!
Of course it's not just Rimmel, Bourjois and Maybelline are the same, if you have medium skin then they're fine, perfect for you even, but if you have dark skin you're going to be left with either no choice, or one stock ''dark'' shade that is meant to fit all dark skinned women, which we girls know is impossible, because skin isn't just dark, our skin has all different undertones and shades to it no matter if it's light, dark or medium.

One range that does seem to cater for most skin tones is L'Oreal's True Match foundation, it ranges from very light, through medium to quite dark.
If you have very dark skin then I think you're going to be left out in the cold (again!) but for the most part I think that this is a good range for everyone.

I believe the shade range situation is much better in America, most drugstore brands have plenty more shades and it doesn't seem as much of an issue as it is here.
Something needs to be done about this, it may not seem an important issue to some but makeup IS important to a lot of us, it is so closely linked to our confidence that I can't imagine what it would be like if I couldn't find a foundation to fit my skin or a concealer, bad skin days would feel even worse.
I'm going to stop before I start sounding like I'm running for Prime Minister, but if I was my first policy would be makeup equality for ALL!

So that's my rant for today! 
Does anyone else get annoyed by this issue? It really does rile me everytime I go into Superdrug or Boots!
Toodlepip! x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nivea Soothe & Protect Lip Balm - Review.

Hello beauty bunnies! 
It's my day off today, yay! I have a driving lesson at 12pm and then I'm meeting my friend Neil for coffee, and I might do a bit of shopping beforehand, Waterstones and Superdrug here I come!! So a nice, relaxing day set for me!

I'm going to do a review of one of my many lip balms today, I'm a bit of a lip balm junkie and can never resist trying a new one in my vain quest for the ''holy grail'' balm.
 This Nivea Soothe & Protect lip balm was half price at about £1.30 so I couldn't resist! It has standard twist-up packaging and the balm is clear, no tint at all.
It claims to provide lips with ''soothing care'' and ''long lasting protection'' and has SPF 15 which is always a plus.

It feels like a standard lip balm when you apply it, nothing at all special about it, it provides some moisturisation but nothing to write home about, and it definitely doesn't have long lasting protection, I felt like I had to reapply it quite a lot.
I really like the fact that it has SPF 15 and feel like that'll come in handy in Summertime, but as for its powers as a lip balm they're pretty standard, not awful by any means but nothing to set it apart from any other Nivea lip balm.
Nivea Soothe & Protect lip balm is available from Superdrug for 1/3 off at £1.72, link here.
Thanks for reading! x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Perfect Formula 6 Piece Manicure Collection - My Review!

Hola beauty bees!!
Hope you're all well, halfway through the working week, anyone else feel like they're constantly living for the weekend?! 
Except I'm working on Sunday this weekend so so much for that idea haha! 

Moving onto todays review! I've been coveting the Perfect Formula nail sets for months so when I saw it on QVC's Todays Special Value segment for £29.88 for a 6 piece set I couldn't resist it! Also the fact that you can send them back within 30 days is a big plus for me when buying from QVC.
 I love the little apothecary style bottles firstly! But the brushes are pretty thin and the formula of the polishes is runny, so it makes quite a mess when you're applying! Which doesn't matter as much when you're using the clear nail strengthener, but with the coloured polishes it is annoying.

In the set you get two of the Pink Gel Coat, one of the Clear Gel Coat, a Daily Moisture cuticle oil and two Gel Coat Color polishes in Taupe and Peaches & Creme.
The Pink Gel Coat is supposed to make the whites of your nails whiter, stop them looking yellow from nail varnish staining, and make your nails look pink and healthy.
This is what it looks like after one coat;
It's not very pink, and certainly doesn't make the whites of my nails look very bright! It's super shiny which does make your nails look more appealing but as for all the brightening claims, it hasn't delivered on the first coat.
Now for another coat, as they recommend you do two;
On the second coat you can definitely see more of the pink on the nails, and the whites look a bit whiter but I still don't think it looked as good as when it was advertised on QVC!
I'm not naive, I know that the hand models they use have the worlds most perfect nails and mine would never look as good as theirs, but I definitely expected more than I got.

The Gel Coat Color in Peaches & Creme;
This is a very pretty colour, a gorgeous peach colour, but this opacity was only achieved with 3-4 coats, for the price of these polishes I definitely expected more! 
Also it took forever to dry, so much so that I had to use Seche Vite over the top, I don't know if that would affect the nail strengthening properties that the polish claims to have, but if I'd of waited for it to dry on its own I'd have been sat there for days!

The same applies to the Taupe polish too, it was slightly more opaque but the drying time was really long and I had to use Seche Vite, it's also a really similar colour to Nails Inc's Porchester Square, which I own, so there's not much point in me owning both, and the Nails Inc is a nicer formula.
The Clear Gel Coat is basically just a clear nail varnish, I wore it at work and it's supposed to be a ''suit of armour for nails'', but one of my nails broke the first day I wore it.
Lastly the Daily Moisture is just a basic cuticle oil really, but in a fancy bottle.

As you can tell, I'm not at all impressed! I had such high hopes for this nail strengthening routine, but I was sorely disappointed!
I sent it back and got a refund within 30 days, thank the lord for QVC because if I'd had to keep them and lose almost £30 then I would have had an even more bitter taste in my mouth about it!!

I'm sure this nail system works for lots of people, I've seen all the brilliant reviews on QVC's website, but for me it was a dud I'm afraid.

If you want to give it a try anyway, this set is currently available from QVC for £32.88, link here
Toodles! x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Review!

Hello beauty bugs!!
Today I'm going to bring you a review of the ever famous Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation!
Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup are always raving about this foundation, so when my boyfriend bought me it for my birthday I was over the moon!! 

Firstly, I love the packaging of this foundation! I suppose for over £35 a bottle it should be beautiful, but I love the frosted glass and the little Armani logo on the front of the lid.
Also the pump doesn't deposit too much product, that's always annoying when you feel like you're wasting such an expensive product!

Now for the DREADED makeup-less before picture!
As you can see, my skin has a few issues! 
I've been getting so many spots lately, as I'm writing this I'm wearing a charcoal mask from Origins to try and draw all of the nastiness out of my pores!
Also I have dark circles and some redness.

It's completely evened out my skintone, covered the spots and some of the dark circles.
This is before I've used any other makeup like concealer or powder.
The colour I'm wearing is 02 (not quite sure what happened to 01, as there doesn't seem to be one!) and the shade range is pretty good, ranges all the way from light skinned to dark skinned, I hate it when foundations leave some skintones out!

This is what it looked like when I'd put the rest of my makeup on, nice flawless base which makes me less embarrassed to be seen in public!!
I wore this makeup for 6 hours at work, and as I work in a kitchen it gets pretty hot and sweaty at times in there so it's a great test for foundations!

6 hours later.....
I'm definitely a lot oilier, but as I work in a kitchen as I said that's not surprising! My blush is still on which is always a sign of a good foundation, but my concealer is fading and creasing a little bit, I used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I find it to be pretty non-creasing, but to find a few lines at this time of the night isn't uncommon with any foundation underneath it.
It's worn off quite a lot on my forehead but that's just because of the band of my hat that I have to wear whilst in the kitchen!

Overall, this foundation is definitely a great one! I don't know whether I'd rave about it as much as some people have, but I always wear it when I want a bit more coverage or for a special occasion.
It has a great shade selection, gorgeous packaging and a lovely satin finish, although after a few hours wear shine is definitely noticeable, and you would need to touch up with powder, especially if you have oily skin which I don't usually.

Lots of love! x