Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Emmys 2014 - Best & Worst Dressed!

Hola lemon tops!! 
Another best and worst dressed post is coming your way today, after the sartorial disappointment that was the MTV VMA's I think we can all be glad that Emmys has come along to cleanse our fashion palettes and show us what style really looks like!
I have to say, the stars really pulled out all the stops last night and I struggled to find many worst dressed candidates, but I was inundated with best dressed!! 
That's what I like to see!

Best Dressed

Michelle Monaghan
I always think you can't go wrong with a simple dress, and this is case in point.
Michelle looks gorgeous and the white dress is really complimented by her gorgeous highlighted hair and those gold heels.

Claire Danes
Red looks beautiful on pale, blonde girls so Claire has hit the nail on the head with this beautiful lacy number.
Keeping her hair effortless really ties in with the Grecian vibe that's going on here.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa looks gorgeous in this little black number, I love the full skirt, I like that she's gone for old school glamour rather than a modern dress.

Allison Williams
Another full skirted number!
I love that yellow sash around the waist, it gives a much needed pop of colour to this dress, without it I don't think the dress would have worked but it's a great contrast against that bold black bow.

Lena Headey
Another case of keeping it simple being a winner, the all black look could be boring but the slashed neckline and asymmetric hem keep it fresh, and when you're as stunning as Lena who needs bells and whistles?!

Julia Roberts
How refreshing to see someone wearing a short skirt, and who wouldn't with gams like those?! I'd be constantly in mini skirts if I had legs like Julia!
Even though it's a minidress is still looks dressy enough because of all the beautiful beading.
I like that she's kept her shoes, makeup and hair all nice and simple so they don't clash with the dress.

Octavia Spencer
I really adore this dress! I love the shape, the subtle lace detailing, the colour on her skintone, everything!
That clutch in the shape of a octagon is also going on my lust list!

Camila Alves
This is one lady who always looks amazing! Being Matthew McConaughey's wife could mean you get a bit overshadowed on red carpets because of your famous husband, but Camila always stands out with her exotic looks and amazing dress sense.
On other people this dress might look trashy but Camila makes it look elegant and demure.

Louise Roe
I always like to see people rocking a daring print on the red carpet, it can be a risk but if anyone can pull it off then professional fashionista Louise can!

Sarah Paulson
A lot of people slated Sarah's dress but I have to say, I love it! 
It's so fun, I love it when people can have fun with their outfits as well as looking super stylish, it shows she doesn't take the whole thing too seriously, which is refreshing when compared to someone like Kim K.

Worst Dressed

Lena Dunham
I get what she's trying to do with the bottom half of the dress (if that's what it is..), it's fun and frothy...but the top half is just confusing! 
Why would she put a baggy, unflattering shirt on the top half? It almost makes me feel like she's trying to look bad, as if that's some sort of statement of how cool she is...
Plus don't even get me started on that hairdo, she assured us it wasn't a wig when she was on the red carpet yesterday and I'm sure I wasn't the only person who was disappointed to hear she'd actually done that to her own hair.

Sarah Silverman
I always feel like Sarah Silverman tries too hard at red carpet events, but then again you can never tell when she's trying to be funny or when she's being serious so who knows!
I hate the colour of this dress, it's too dark and unforgiving on her pale skin, plus the cut makes her arms look overly toned.

Giuliana Rancic
I find it hilarious that this woman fronts a show called Fashion Police..
Her hair is a over processed mess which is lacking any sort of body or style, her dress is very boring and the fabric looks cheap and she definitely needs to eat a Big Mac or ten!
How's that for fashion police?

There we go! What a mammoth post that was! 
I'm glad to see the film and TV stars didn't disappoint me with their level of glamour! Round of applause for Hollywood!
Toodles! x

MTV VMA's 2014 - Best & Worst Dressed.

Hello pineapple chunks!!
I always love it when the award show season kicks off because I can do my best and worst dressed posts, as they're my favourite posts to do!
But the MTV VMA's have massively disappointed me this year!! I've struggled to even come up with two best dressed contenders, and the worst dressed list is out of control! I've had to whittle it down, bad times.

Best Dressed

Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe looks gorgeous in this sophisticated ensemble, I've seen a few people say that they'd like her to dress more ''young'', but if that means more like Miley Cyrus (who makes an appearance later in this post...guess which list she's on) then I think she should stay classy!
Those pinks trousers are so super cute, and the beading on the top is gorgeous.

Kelly Rowland
Kelly looks like a vision in this beautiful shimmering gown, pregnancy really suits her! 
Her plaited hairdo really adds to the casual glam of this look.

Worst Dressed

Miley Cyrus
Oh Miley, you certainly don't disappoint!
On the positive notes...I quite like her shoes....and that's it.
I won't make the obvious bin liner jokes, you can definitely think those up yourself...

Charli XCX
Charli XCX's main style icon is obviously Tony the Tiger, but she looks far from GRRRREAT!
I can't see the fabric properly, but this looks like it's made from velour, which is to fashionistas what garlic is to vampires.

Amber Rose
Talk about unflattering! Amber has got a nice, shapely figure when she's dressed in normal clothes and not a few sparse bits of diamante rope, but this ''dress'' makes her look like she has huge hips, a round stomach and enormous boobs!
Sometimes less is more, but in this case less is absolutely hideous.

Ariana Grande
There's something I find very strange about Ariana, she's 21 but she looks about 12 and she normally dresses like an extra from Grease, but in this case she has done a complete 180 and come to the VMA's dressed like a trainee dominatrix.
Her face is so young and childlike, it's the complete antithesis of this outfit and, to be honest, it really creeps me out.

Rita Ora
I've probably mentioned before that Rita Ora isn't my favourite person, I find her very try-hard and attention seeking, if there's a chance to be papped with her boobs or bum (or both) out she's there.
This red carpet is no exception, once again I don't think this dress is very flattering, it just sort of hangs there, and I think it's very obvious that she's flashing flesh to try and get people to look at her.

And there it is! The Emmy's is tonight and, let's face it, the famous actors always do a lot better on the red carpet than the singers so I'm looking forward to seeing what they pull out of the bag!
Toodles! x

Friday, 22 August 2014

(Future) Girl Crush Friday - Jamie Chung!

Happy Friday!
Todays Girl Crush Friday lady isn't as well known as some I feature, but I predict big things for her in the future fo'sho! 
Her name is Jamie Chung, she's an American actress of Korean descent and to say she's stunning is an understatement! 
She's a pretty new actress on the scene, but she has a role in the new Sin City film which is sure to push her further into the limelight!

 She has that effortless and ethereal beauty you just can't stop looking at! 
She is a definite contender in the fashion stakes too, her latest red carpet looks have been completely killing it!
So what do you think about Jamie? Will she be added to your girl crush list? Let me know!
Toodles! x

Liverpool Clothing Haul!

Hello strawberry daiquiri's!!
You can tell I haven't done a haul in a while because of all the clothes I've amassed for these two mega hauls back to back!! 
You can expect another clothing haul before long as I do most of my clothes shopping in transitional periods like Autumn so you can look forward to seeing jumpers and leggings galore, I LOVE Autumn/Winter dressing!
This haul is from when I went to Liverpool with my friend Frances and we did just a teensy bit of shopping....!
I could have done a LOT more, believe me!

This reminds me of a school skirt but I still love it! This is from H&M, as most things are in this haul (and my wardrobe in general!) and it's such a flattering skirt.
I love the shape, I think this is THE shape for any girl who carries their weight on their hips or stomach as it nips you in at your waist, accentuating your smallest part (oh fashion, you clever clever goose!).
I particularly like this skirt because of the fabric, it's made of quite thick material and the waistband is nice and thick so you get an extra sucking-in effect!
They're still available on H&M for £9.99.

 I got this pleated maxi skirt from H&M too, I haven't had one chance to wear this yet haha! It's lovely and really breezy and cool when you wear it but the weather just hasn't been very dependable, who wants to wear a maxi skirt when there's a threat of rain?

 I got this skater skirt in the same material as the grey one, but in this really eye-catching neon yellow! I love it, it really spices up a normal outfit!

Don't mind those flecks, they're dust on my camera lens, not marks on the top!
I got this basic black tee from Forever21, I got it in a large but I have to say it's tiny!! It's straining over my boobs, and it's a shame cos the material is lovely, just wish it was a bit looser.

I also got this gorgeous half gold/half mint chain from Forever21, it looks really cute with just a plain white or black tee and leggings, it's the kind of thing you can just throw on to make an outfit more interesting and less basic.

Back to H&M! I got these little coral shorts just for lounging around the house and the garden in, don't worry, I won't offend the general public with my wobbling thighs ;)
These were only about £2.99 which is an amazing bargain!

This is probably one of my favourite purchases, it's SO comfy! The fabric is lush and I love how the sleeves are slightly batwing so it looks really slouchy and cool.

Don't these look attractive haha! 
Nice, saggy leggings from H&M! I got them in a size too big by accident so they're not ideal, but even if I hadn't got them too big they still wouldn't be very impressive! They're £5.99 but they're not better than the £3 Primark ones, they both go see-through when you wear them and I HATE that look, H&M do some slightly more expensive leggings though which are really nice and thick.

I got these cute little flats from Primark, they were only £6 so I thought they'd give me chronic blisters but they're actually so comfy! I wish I'd got them in tan and black too, if I see them in there again I'll definitely grab them for future Summers!

I really like this cute, simple gold necklace from Primark, I think it looks more expensive than £3 and it's just one of  those pieces you could get loads of wear out of despite the tiny price tag!

And lastly, I got these super cute distressed rings from Primark, £3 for a pack of 5 is a great deal and I really like the rose quartz-esque look of them.

That's all my hauls up to date! I haven't been buying much beauty stuff lately which is why you haven't seen a haul of those things in a while, I've managed to curb my spending when it comes to beauty at the moment...let's see how long that lasts!!
Toodles! x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

(Mostly H&M) Clothing Haul!

Hello lemon-limes!!
I really need to step up my blogging game lately, I've been so lazy and just preferring to sit in the house and read or watch TV or Youtube instead of blogging, bad blogger!!
I've been meaning to do this clothing haul for a while, which is why it has a distinctly Summer vibe about it, even though to UK right now is drenched in rain and seems to have progressed onto Autumn despite it only being August!
Personally, I'm a massive Autumn lover, my birthday is in October and I just love curling up under a blanket and watching a film and drinking peppermint hot chocolates and, most of all, Autumn candles are the best scents! It's all warm, fruity scents which are amazing.
I live in my own house now too so I'm stoked for the onset of Christmas (yes, I've busted out the C word already!!) so I can decorate my house!!
Plus, Autumn dressing, can I get a AMEN for scarves, boots and tights?!

As it's still only August I still feel like this Summer clothes haul is relevant though, so here goes!
I bought this grey crop top from H&M in a moment of madness, it was in the sale for £2.99 and I thought ''I'll wear it with high-waisted skirts and it'll look really cute'' and I have to say..I was right! I'm not built for crop tops (my belly is more Homer Simpson than Jessica Simpson) so I thought I'd made a big error buying it but it doesn't look so bad! Obviously I don't wear it with my stomach hanging out, only the tiniest sliver of stomach is visible, but it definitely looks passable!
I would go back for more colours but it seems pointless now that Summer has gone back into hiding for another year.
You can see this crop top on me in a future Liverpool haul so stay tuned for that treat...!

I also got this loose, boyfriend style crop top from H&M, these are the crop tops I'm most accustomed to as I can wear them with skater skirts and they're not as *clingy*!
I love the grey with the bright neon stripes too, such an eyecatching piece!

 I got these snazzy printed trousers from H&M, I love the pattern and I know they're not to everyones taste but they're so comfy and cool on a hot day that I've found myself wearing them all the time! 
I do get a few funny looks in the supermarket sometimes, I assume people think I've come out in my pyjamas...
I got them in a size L to start with but they were far too big so I got M, but I think I could have got away with S because they're still a bit baggy on me after a couple of wears, but when I wash them they're snug and perfect!

I love the colour of this t-shirt, it's simple jersey mostly but has a sweetheart neckline with mesh detailing to make it a bit more interesting.
I haven't found many ways to wear this yet, the fabric isn't very forgiving, it shows every lump and bump!

I'm not a big shirt wearer because of my big boobs, they never hang very well on me and a lot of time the buttons gape at the front, but I couldn't resist this bright yellow number when I saw it in the sale! 
It was £5.99 and I really like how it looks tucked into skirts, the colour makes me so happy!

I adore massive slouchy t-shirts, they're so easy to throw on and I love the feeling of being free and not restricted by a tight piece of clothing! 
This one is a bit see-through so you could wear a vest under it, but I usually just wear a black bra (not to make myself sound like a hussy..).

Skater skirts are a curvy/apple shaped girls best friend!! I almost bought this skirt when I was shopping in Liverpool but I decided against it because it looked a bit wintry, then when I saw it in the sale on the H&M website I snapped it up! Good job I did really because Winter is well and truly on the way!

I got this drop-armhole vest for about £2.99, I don't really know why I got it to be honest, I don't know how I will wear it but even if I just layer it in the Autumn/Winter with some leather leggings and a sheepskin-lined leather jacket it'll be worth it.

Another neon lovely! This t-shirt is so comfy that I'm actually wearing it now, as I blog in my pyjama bottoms and my boyfriends cardigan! 
It's super cute and a staple for me to just throw on with leggings and it makes it a bit more interesting because of the neon lime stripes.

Another boyfriend style crop top! I'm a sucker for a striped top, I just think they look so chic and are simple to style.
This is a bit see-through again, wouldn't be very warm in the winter but maybe with some layering I could make it work.

I've actually since sent this dress back as I thought it looked too bridal on me haha it was quite flouncy and I felt as if I should be running barefoot through a field of barley with daisies in my hair while I was wearing it.

I've had a big love for ''ugly'' shoes lately, these won't be to everyones taste but I absolutely love them! They give me a bit of height but are also as comfortable as walking in flats, no exaggeration!
I got them from Ebay for only £9.99, the listing has now ended but if you type in ''cut-out boots'' in Ebay you will see quite a few copies.

Another pair of ''ugly'' heels! These are also super comfy to walk in, a bit higher than the other ones so your ankles do ache a bit after a few hours, but compared to normal heels they're like walking with your feet in a cloud!
These are from H&M.

And of course I got them in the white version too...because I'm a hoarder....
As you can tell by the scuffs and stains these have already been christened with a night out!
These boots were £19.99 but they are sold out now.

And finally, Converse!! My boyfriend surprised me with these beauties and I have to say, the hype is all true! They're super comfy and give any outfit that effortless cool look.

There we go! I have another haul upcoming too, a Liverpool haul, but that will be a bit shorter I think than this monster of a post!
Hope you're all well, Toodles!