Friday, 19 September 2014

Girl Crush Friday - Rachel McAdams!

TGIF everyone!!
My girl crush today is someone who I'm surprised I haven't featured before seen as she's my favourite actress, after Sandra Bullock, it's Rachel McAdams! 
There's something very watchable and likeable about Rachel, she is undoubtedly a good actress but she always comes across as ''normal'' despite being so beautiful, she's never intimidating or annoying.
From Mean Girls to Red Eye to About Time, she can adapt to a lot of different roles and is a delight to watch, plus she can throw a red carpet outfit together like a demon!
 She comes across as one of those women you'd love to have as a friend, I bet she'd be an absolute hoot! 
Plus, you could borrow all of her fancy shoes and handbags (I don't stand a chance at fitting into her amazing dresses, unfortunately!).
Toodles! x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Small Boots Haul!

Hello Belgian buns!!
Today I'm bringing you a small haul, I haven't done a lot of beauty shopping lately because I'm spending most of my money on books at the moment (hauls a-plenty on my book blog, which is why there hasn't been many here! Check out my book blog here) so I thought I'd have a mini splurge whilst looking at all the new releases.

I've just used up my eyebrow pencil and as it's the most important thing in my makeup bag I had to snap up a new one! I've used this Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown before and I couldn't remember if I enjoyed using it and unfortunately I'm not.
It's a nice consistency, and fills in my brows well, but the colour is too warm, I prefer a cool or neutral brown rather than a reddish warm brown like this one so I think I might have to go back and see if Boots have this pencil in brown/black or if they still sell my trusty Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil!

My hands have been SO dry lately, I work in a kitchen so my hands always take a battering when they're immersed in water or handling hot food so I need a heavy duty moisturiser for them, and this Garnier Intensive 7 Days SOS Repair Hand Cream was on offer for £1.99 so I couldn't say no!
This is a decent 100ml size so I can use this on my feet too (TMI).

Revlon had a 3 for 2 offer on so, as I need a new liquid eyeliner, I thought I'd give the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen a go!
I love these felt tip eyeliners but you do run the risk of them not being very black and not distributing the product properly, and that's the issue with this one.
It looked super black when I swatched it in the shop but now when I use it it feels too dry and not black enough, but it was worth a try, I did get this for free after all!

 Now onto the more exciting products, the lip products!! 
I own a lot of lipsticks so I made a bargain with myself that I'd only buy shades I didn't already own, which sounds absurd to a normal person but you wouldn't believe how many lipsticks I had that were all exactly the same colour when I had a clearout of them!
And this gorgeous Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive is a unique colour to my collection, yay!
It's kind of 90's, a matte dusky pink that reminds me of Amazonian supermodels!
I love a matte lip, but I only have them in bright colours so a more neutral one is a great addition to my lipstick family!

 This is my favourite thing I bought in this little haul, it's a fairly new release from Revlon and it's the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain in Parisian Passion.
To me, moisture and lip stain seems to be a bit of a oxymoron, usually lip stains are so drying! But this product is actually both of those opposing things!
The applicator distributes a nice amount of product and it gives a fairly opaque, glossy finish to the lips.
I think this would be a great Autumn lip for someone who doesn't want to go all out with a bold, dark lip, but still wants to keep with the Autumn trend for plum lips.
It stays glossy but I gave this lipstick the kiss test on my boyfriend and I was didn't leave behind any stain on his lips!
I would definitely buy some more colours, I'm especially interested in the deeper shades now we're moving into the colder weather (yay!).

That's my little haul!! I'm pleased with about half of the things I got, it's just the eyebrow pencil and the eyeliner that have disappointed a bit.
It's my birthday next month and I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll have one or two Superdrug/Boots gift cards to spend so expect another haul fairly soon, I think I've been bitten by the beauty bug again!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends & The Saturdays Live!

Hello lovely people!!
I've got an exciting post for you today because last Tuesday I got invited by Garnier to go and watch The Saturdays live in concert!
We were all invited to celebrate the launch of the Garnier Ultimate Blends line, which is out in shops now.
I received the Sleek Restorer Oil in my goody bag and I've been using it the past few days, it's so nice! It makes my ends feel nice and healthy and has a gorgeous coconut scent!
But onto the event! 
Firstly, here is my look for the night;
 I went for quite a casual look as I knew I'd be standing for quite a while and dancing and wanted to be comfortable, my whole outfit is from H&M apart from the boots, which are from Ebay.

Me and my friend Emma (my plus one!) had a bit of a nightmare getting to Newcastle from where we live, the traffic was awful and our satnav kept trying to kill us, so we arrived too late to get our hair done, but all of the other bloggers had theirs done and they all looked fab!
We sat in a room together for a while and got acquainted and then (eek!) it was time to meet The Saturdays!
Me and my friend Emma had no idea we were actually going to meet them so we were so nervous, but they were all really lovely, especially Rochelle, and made us feel at ease :)

And after they'd signed our VIP badges and we'd got our picture taken we headed out to our seats, which were only a few rows back so we were very excited!!

They had a couple of support acts but we missed the first guy, the second act was a club sort of act called SD:Jem, they were brilliant and their voices were amazing! 
Now here's some pictures from the girls themselves!
 I had a really good time and the girls were amazing, they looked flawless and their singing was fab!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Toodles! x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Emmys 2014 - Best & Worst Dressed!

Hola lemon tops!! 
Another best and worst dressed post is coming your way today, after the sartorial disappointment that was the MTV VMA's I think we can all be glad that Emmys has come along to cleanse our fashion palettes and show us what style really looks like!
I have to say, the stars really pulled out all the stops last night and I struggled to find many worst dressed candidates, but I was inundated with best dressed!! 
That's what I like to see!

Best Dressed

Michelle Monaghan
I always think you can't go wrong with a simple dress, and this is case in point.
Michelle looks gorgeous and the white dress is really complimented by her gorgeous highlighted hair and those gold heels.

Claire Danes
Red looks beautiful on pale, blonde girls so Claire has hit the nail on the head with this beautiful lacy number.
Keeping her hair effortless really ties in with the Grecian vibe that's going on here.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa looks gorgeous in this little black number, I love the full skirt, I like that she's gone for old school glamour rather than a modern dress.

Allison Williams
Another full skirted number!
I love that yellow sash around the waist, it gives a much needed pop of colour to this dress, without it I don't think the dress would have worked but it's a great contrast against that bold black bow.

Lena Headey
Another case of keeping it simple being a winner, the all black look could be boring but the slashed neckline and asymmetric hem keep it fresh, and when you're as stunning as Lena who needs bells and whistles?!

Julia Roberts
How refreshing to see someone wearing a short skirt, and who wouldn't with gams like those?! I'd be constantly in mini skirts if I had legs like Julia!
Even though it's a minidress is still looks dressy enough because of all the beautiful beading.
I like that she's kept her shoes, makeup and hair all nice and simple so they don't clash with the dress.

Octavia Spencer
I really adore this dress! I love the shape, the subtle lace detailing, the colour on her skintone, everything!
That clutch in the shape of a octagon is also going on my lust list!

Camila Alves
This is one lady who always looks amazing! Being Matthew McConaughey's wife could mean you get a bit overshadowed on red carpets because of your famous husband, but Camila always stands out with her exotic looks and amazing dress sense.
On other people this dress might look trashy but Camila makes it look elegant and demure.

Louise Roe
I always like to see people rocking a daring print on the red carpet, it can be a risk but if anyone can pull it off then professional fashionista Louise can!

Sarah Paulson
A lot of people slated Sarah's dress but I have to say, I love it! 
It's so fun, I love it when people can have fun with their outfits as well as looking super stylish, it shows she doesn't take the whole thing too seriously, which is refreshing when compared to someone like Kim K.

Worst Dressed

Lena Dunham
I get what she's trying to do with the bottom half of the dress (if that's what it is..), it's fun and frothy...but the top half is just confusing! 
Why would she put a baggy, unflattering shirt on the top half? It almost makes me feel like she's trying to look bad, as if that's some sort of statement of how cool she is...
Plus don't even get me started on that hairdo, she assured us it wasn't a wig when she was on the red carpet yesterday and I'm sure I wasn't the only person who was disappointed to hear she'd actually done that to her own hair.

Sarah Silverman
I always feel like Sarah Silverman tries too hard at red carpet events, but then again you can never tell when she's trying to be funny or when she's being serious so who knows!
I hate the colour of this dress, it's too dark and unforgiving on her pale skin, plus the cut makes her arms look overly toned.

Giuliana Rancic
I find it hilarious that this woman fronts a show called Fashion Police..
Her hair is a over processed mess which is lacking any sort of body or style, her dress is very boring and the fabric looks cheap and she definitely needs to eat a Big Mac or ten!
How's that for fashion police?

There we go! What a mammoth post that was! 
I'm glad to see the film and TV stars didn't disappoint me with their level of glamour! Round of applause for Hollywood!
Toodles! x