Friday, 17 October 2014

Small Superdrug Haul!

Hello button mushrooms!!
Today I'm bringing you a little post about a couple of bits I bought with some birthday money I received from my boyfriend's mam, naturally as soon as I got it I went out to Superdrug and blew it! Because, in my opinion, birthday money is for spending, not saving!

I bought this on a whim because I'm not happy with my Rimmel eyebrow pencil at the moment, and I've got to say, I'm loving it!
I won't be using the highlight end on this pencil as much as the actual pencil part as it is quite a strong highlight, but for nights out I'll definitely use it so my brows stand out!
It's sort of a wax and pencil hybrid as opposed to a run-of-the-mill pencil, and it's wind up so you don't have to worry about tiresome sharpening.
I really like it so far, I'll let you know if my opinion changes!

I wasn't sure this colour would suit me but I really love it! It's so Autumnal and rich, the formula is incredible too, this is two coats and it's flawless.
The Barry M Gelly's are the gift that just keeps on giving, and I'm definitely going to pick up more of these Autumn colours from them, I have my eye on Paprika....

 These lip pencils are pretty new to the UK market so I thought I'd pick one up seen as they're only £4.99 and they had a really gorgeous range of colours.
I wasn't expecting much from these, I expected it to be really dry and highlight the imperfections on my lips, but O.M.G. I love it!!!
I think it's such a gorgeous nude, the formula is more of a satin than a complete matte, which is more forgiving if your lips are less than perfect (like mine) and I found it so easy to use.
The only downside to these is you have to sharpen them, which is a major bummer as I don't have a pencil sharpener big enough haha but I will buy one because I love these so much!
I will definitely be purchasing more of these, they're 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment too so run there and fill your boots!!

Another nude lippy! These Color Elixirs are also new to the UK so I thought I'd give one a try, and I thought it was some kind of liquid lipstick, but it's actually more of a pigmented gloss.
I do really like it though, it's really smooth and not sticky on the lips and I'd definitely try some of the other colours.

I used to really like huge, drag-queen style false lashes, but I think maybe I've matured lately because I've been craving more natural looking lashes haha.
I wanted some lashes that look like they could just be my lashes, but better! And I thought these ones looked like they fit the bill.
They're full, but not too full, and I think with some mascara on them they'll just make me look like I have amazing lashes, fingers crossed!!

There's my small haul! I'm sure there'll be more before long as I have a feeling I'm going to get a Superdrug or Boots voucher for my friends and family are all enablers of my spending addiction!
Toodles! x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

L'Occitane Shea Butter Limited Edition Whipped Collection!

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to do a review of some gorgeous new products I was sent by L'Occitane, the Shea Butter Whipped collection!
These products are available in L'Occitane boutiques and on the website NOW, so click here to be whisked away to them now.
There's also a deal running where you can get all three of these products for £35.00, which is a £5 saving!

The collection consists of a shower foam, a hand cream and a body cream, time for a closer look!
 The hand cream is so lovely and light, it sinks in really quickly and has a lovely scent, like baby lotion! Really fresh and clean.
This hand cream also has a star shaped nozzle so the product comes out like chantilly cream, not a necessary feature but still, look how pretty!
This is priced at £6.00 for 30ml.

 The shower foam doesn't fit into the ''whipped'' category really, but it's still gorgeous!
I'm not usually a fan of shower foams because they're drying on my skin but as this is L'Occitane, I'm sure you can guess that this isn't any ordinary shower foam!
It has that gorgeous, clean smell again, and it foams up amazingly on the skin.
After you've rinsed it off it leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean, not like any shower foam I've ever used before!
This product is £14.00 for 150ml.

Now time for the Pièce de résistance!
This body cream looks a bit like cottage cheese, but wondrous things happen when you spread it on your skin!
A little goes such a long way, probably because of all the air whipped into it, and it sinks in super quickly leaving you with soft, gorgeously scented skin for hours afterwards.
And that's no exaggeration, I could literally still smell it on my skin 3 hours later!
I've never tried a L'Occitane body cream before, I may just be a convert!
This is £18.00 for a 125ml tub.

Aren't these products just gorgeous? I love the packaging on L'Occitane products too, they're very apothecary-esque and immediately distinctive when you see them.
Check out the L'Occitane website for more details on their upcoming collections, and other products.

Monday, 13 October 2014

LookFantastic October Beauty Box!

Another day, another beauty box!!
I'm seemingly obsessed with these babies at the moment, I  have one more on its way in the post at the moment and the November LookFantastic box on pre-order as well!
What do you mean I have an obsessive personality?....

This box is 50 shades of awesome, although unfortunately it's sold out now, it sold out in one day!
But never fear! You can pre-order the November box by clicking here and I have it on good authority from the people at LookFantastic that it's the best one yet!
But back to the box in hand, the October box!
 Yet more tissue paper and annoying paper ribbons that get stuck to your carpet for weeks!

L'Oreal Professionnel Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo & Masque
These two were a great surprise in the box for me, I love trying new shampoos and conditioners but usually when you get them in a beauty box they're in a useless sachet or a tiny little 10ml bottle, but these are luxury sized sample!
The shampoo is 100ml and the hair mask is 75ml, these sizes will definitely last me a decent amount of time, enough time to tell if it actually works on my hair so I know whether to repurchase it or not!
I have dip-dyed hair so it is prone to a bit of dryness and damage so I'm hoping this is going to help my hair regain some strength.
Shampoo RRP £10.99 - Sample size 100ml (Full size 250ml)
Conditioner RRP £13.99 - Sample size 75ml (Full size 200ml)

KMS California Freeshape Quick Blow Dry
 Another luxury sample size!
This sounds like such an intriguing concept to me, it's a spray that can cut the blow drying time of your hair down by 50%! 
Now, I have fine hair but I have a lot of it so it takes me quite a long time to dry it, so if this works then it will be a god-send and a definite repurchase!!
I've never tried anything from KMS before so I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs, I really like the packaging though on first impressions.
RRP £11.45 - Sample size 75ml (Full size 200ml)

This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray
I have heard so many people rave about the original version of this, I'm so excited to finally get to try the souped up version!
I'm not quite sure what the difference is between the original one and this PLUS pillow spray, but I need all the help I can get sleeping at the moment so I'll definitely give this a try! 
I'm not a big fan of lavender but if it helps me sleep then I'm game for anything.
This ''plus'' version isn't out until the 17th of October but you can pre-order it on LookFantastic here.
RRP £25.00 - Sample size 5ml (Full size 75ml)

Gatineau Collagene Expert Ultimate Smoothing Cream
I've seen Gatineau on QVC so many times and it is pricey stuff! 
It sounds like something I'd invest in if I was a bit older as it really seems to work, and anything that's pro-youth definitely floats my boat, but I'm not sure how much difference I'm going to see from a 15ml sample of something like this.
Saying that, I'm still happy to see this in my box because you never know, it might be incredible and I'm always up for trying new brands.
It doesn't smell like much and it absorbs really quickly into the skin leaving it feeling SO smooth, so far so good!
RRP £60.00 - Sample size 15ml (Full size 50ml)

Balance Me Facial Expression Filler
Now this is the only full size in the box, although it's still only 15ml but you'll only need the tiniest bit of this as it's only for expression lines, not for your whole face.
It says in the description that you use it on the sides of your mouth, your eyes, your forehead lines and above your lip...I'm not sure how you get wrinkles above your lip but maybe from smoking? I don't smoke so that's not an issue for me.
It has rose in it but I can't smell it in the scent, which is good for me as I don't like rose scented products, I can smell the bergamot much more in it.
It has such things as Hyraluronic acid in it, which bloggers all love at the moment, to plump and smooth as well as more natural ingredients like plant extracts to soothe and relax contracted muscles.
Sounds interesting! I can't wait to start using it, between this and the Gatineau I'm going to look like a newborn baby before long!
RRP £22.00 - Full size 15ml.

Korres Citrus Shower Gel
I'm always happy to see a decent sized shower gel in these boxes because it's one of those things that I love to chop and change and I rarely buy the same one twice (except the Original Source shower gels, they're heavenly!).
This is a citrus shower gel but not in the same zesty way the Original Source lemon shower gel is, this is a really subtle scent.
For some people that might be a good thing but for me I love a strong scented shower gel that you know is going to stay with you when you leave the shower.
I don't think I'd be paying all this money for this shower gel in the full size when I can get ones that are a lot more scented from the drugstore.
Although I am quite intrigued by their mint tea shower gel, sounds pretty amazing!
RRP £8.00 - Sample size 50ml (Full size 250ml)

Pretty amazing stuff I'm sure you'll agree!! 
I can't believe I got all of this great stuff for just £15.00, I'm so excited to try out the shampoo and conditioner, and also the KMS blow dry spray.
Now I can't wait to see what's in the November box!!! 
Toodles! x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club!

Hello lovely people!
Today is actually my birthday! Well, this is a scheduled post so technically my birthday is 5 days away...but still yay for me, I'm 23! (I know, rhyming is sad..)
But enough of that, onto the post!
Today I'm doing a post on a box that I receive quarterly from The Fragrance Shop, it's a perfume sample service that sends you a selection of different perfumes to try for £5.00 every 3 months and also includes money off vouchers for full size versions of all the samples in the box.
Most of the time you get five samples, four womens and one mens, but some months you get seven as a special treat! 
Onto the perfumes! 

Description - The masculine fragrance is a woody aromatic fougère, full of modern freshness. Top notes of lavender and mandarin spray are softened by the fruity notes of honeydew melon, followed by heart notes of pink pepper and geranium mixed with pineapple leaf. Finally the fragrance unveils a lasting print of patchouli, suede and ambery woods.
This is the only male scent in the box, I gave it to my boyfriend and he said it was a nice scent, but nothing special really and he prefers other ones such as Givenchy Gentleman Only Intense.
I'm also not a huge fan of it, when I first sprayed it it smelt a lot like Lynx, which is not flattering for a high end cologne!!
As it's dried down though it smells more fruity and pleasant but I wouldn't be buying this for my mister at any point.
If you would like this cologne though then feel free to use the voucher code they gave me for £5 off it, as I won't be using it - CTWRMVSZG6.

Description - Quizás Seducción is a floral-fruity fragrance with aphrodisiac powers. It opens with a fruity cocktail of tempting passion fruit, sweet orange and blackberry. Its full floral heart combines elegant Sambac jasmine with strong tuberose and orange blossom. The base of the perfume features sweet notes of caramel and vanilla.
I really love this scent, it's supposed to have aphrodisiac powers but I haven't noticed men throwing themselves at my feet since I've been wearing it, if that was happening I think I'd be hanging around a Ryan Reynolds film set........
I love sweet perfumes so the base notes of caramel and vanilla are right up my street!
This perfume isn't out until the 13th of October but when it does come out feel free to use the massive £10 money off voucher code they gave me - CYI9VDKWWV.

Description - KENZO JEU D’AMOUR celebrates the romantic lovers game with an ultra-feminine, sensual and captivating fragrance. With notes of Tea, Mandarin,  Pomegranate set the mood, Tuberose and Freesia sign an ultra-feminine floral heart over a sensual base of Musks and creamy Sandalwood.
This is not to my tastes if I'm honest but it's a nice, inoffensive scent.
Musk isn't my favourite note in a perfume so to have it as a base isn't good news for me as that's the scent you're left with for the longest!
The voucher code for £5 off this perfume is - DABRM88I62.

Description - Aura Loewe Eau de Parfum is a floral blend of elegance and warm woods. A spicy top awakens the mystery surrounding of the fragrance with a floral heart and woody base. 
Top notes: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Redcurrant
Heart notes: Jasmine, Iris, Rose, Violet Leaf
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Leather
Another Loewe offering, although I definitely don't like this one as much as the Quizas Sedducion!
I've given this away to my mam because it was just far too floral for me, I thought I might like this because it has notes of violet and leather in it, but unfortunately I didn't at all.
Help yourself to this voucher code for £5 off - D47GJNXTAR.

Description - A new and dazzling oriental floral fragrance. A fragrance for a femme fatale with radiant sensuality … Intensely glamorous.
It doesn't say above what the notes are, but I'm definitely getting hints of vanilla, some floral but mostly a pretty sweet scent.
I'm a big fan and there's a touch of the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb about this one!
I've never tried Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes but they're an absolute classic and I love the bottles.
The code for £5 off this perfume is - DKH1UAS4DG.

What do you think of this service? I think it's a really good idea as it allows you to test the scents out without having to go to a snooty department store or even leave your house!

Friday, 10 October 2014

My Week In Instagrams - #1!

Hello sweeties!
Today I've decided to do a new kind of post, a round up of my Instagram posts from this week!
It's my birthday tomorrow (23, here I come!!) so I thought I'd do this round up now, just in case I wanted to do a special one for my birthday, I'm going to see Jon Richardson live tomorrow night with my boyfriend and we're going out for fancy burgers beforehand and also on Saturday I'll be instagramming my presents and cakes and hopefully some stuff from my night out too but I'm crap at instagramming on nights out haha.

On Thursday I went for a Costa with my friends Mike and Lee, as you can see from the top photo, Mike isn't a big fan of Instagram!
My friend Lee drove me home in his new car and it would have been rude NOT to christen his new car with a McDonalds Mcflurry from the drive-thru, it's tradition when you get a new car right?! 

Here's my lovely boyfriend playing with his new phone, the OnePlus One!
Tech geeks will know what this phone is, it's basically a really fancy phone that's half the price of all the other leading phones, but without compromising on quality.
You have to get an invite to buy the phone, which is very elite!
He loves it and I'm glad he's finally joined the Android family and gone away from his Iphone, I know they're popular but I personally think, for what you pay, the Iphone is not worth it and you're buying the brand more than the phone.
And as the Autumn has moved in we've been putting the heating on in our house and our little Maggie-moo has been curling up under the radiators!
I don't know HOW she can handle the heat but she absolutely loves it, strange little kitty!

 This is my friend Emmas gorgeous cat Blanche! We had a cosy night round Emmas flat on Saturday night watching X Factor, eating pizza and admitting to embarrassing crushes (don't ask...) and it was fab, I don't get to see my three best girlfriends as much as I'd like but I love them all a lottle :)

 Then on Sunday me and my boyfriend went into town for a little bit of shopping, I wore a quite bold browny-red lip that is Hazelnut from Natural Collection and I wasn't sure about it at first but I decided I loved it!
It reminds me so much of the 90's!
When I got back from town and laid all my stuff out on the bed to take a Instagram/blog photo of it my cat decided to stake her claim on the Superdrug bag! 
Maggie loves carrier bags and she loves pink, so she was having a great time haha.

Sunday was a Instagram heavy day for me! This is what I bought in town, a few Superdrug treats with the money my boyfriends mam gave me for my birthday :)
I'll be doing a small haul so I won't go into them now, but I will say that the Maybelline ColorDrama lip pencil is AMAZING.
And ice-cream.....need I say more?! #treatsunday.

My last Instagrams for Sunday! How funny is this meme?! I love it, I saw it on someone elses Instagram and I just had to regram it.
I also tried out the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Mustard, and I adore it, the formula is amazing and I'm definitely going to be buying more of these!

Then I didn't Instagram until Tuesday when I caught this little lady sitting atop a pillow like a princess! As you can see, my Instagram is pretty cat-heavy.....

 I love the quote above haha me and my friends are big fans of vodka, and will be indulging in it plentifully on Saturday when we go out!
And I went to town on Wednesday to have my hair cut then met my friend Lee for a quick shop in Primark and Boots then we went for a Starbucks, I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year! I enjoyed it more than I did last year but I still don't see what all the fuss is about!

I also saw these Disney leggings on Ebay on Wednesday, I think they're amazing!! Although not too sure if I'd wear them myself....

And finally, yesterday I had Lee & Mike round to my house to celebrate my birthday, and we got two large Domino's pizzas and they gave me my present, a £50 Waterstones voucher!
I'm such a lucky girl to have such lovely friends and I couldn't feel luckier being surrounded by all my favourite people on the run up to my birthday :)