Sunday, 22 March 2015

OOTD - From Paris To Middlesbrough.

I haven't done an outfit of the day post in what feels like forever so I thought I'd bring you one today because I've been trying to be better about taking photos of my outfits before I leave the house.
I wore this outfit to go shopping in Middlesbrough last Sunday.
 Be prepared to see this Topshop open back mac a lot in my upcoming posts because I'm officially obsessed with it! It looks amazing with anything and adds an aloof ''Parisian'' vibe to anything I wear (if you're a fan of the TV show Supernatural you'll also recognise my homage to Castiel).
Jumper - Primark - £10.00
Jeans - H&M - £12.99 (link here)
Trench Coat - Topshop - £79.00 - Sold out, but still available in Navy here (WANT!).
Bag - Zara - £50.00 - Sold out.
Shoes - White Converse Hi-tops - £50.00 - I always get my pricier shoes from Very because you can pay them off in 3 installments and you won't pay any interest, win! Link here.

I'm loving these jeans and this trench coat at the moment so don't be surprised if they feature in the next OOTD post too!
Bye! x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water.

Hi guys! 
I know I've been MIA for a while now, my list of excuses are as follows - I have been working a lot! Not much of a change there, I've also had some laptop issues and I had a beloved family pet die two weeks ago so I haven't felt the motivation to blog at all.
But I'm starting to get back into the swing of taking photos and planning blog posts so I thought I'd dive back in with a nice, simple review post!

Todays review is of the Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water, one of quite a few floral waters that Melvita sell.
Firstly, I love the packaging of this product! It's an eyecatching Cadbury's purple plastic (shame it isn't glass) bottle with silver and rose pink accents on the front.
This is an organic and fairtrade product, 100% of the ingredients in this product are from natural origin and 99% of the ingredients are from fairtrade farming, this product is about as ethical as it gets! 

This is a product to help hydrate your skin, it is supposed to combat dehydration with its natural, soothing formula.
You can use this in two ways, you can either spritz the water all over your face which I think will feel amazing on a hot day or after you've been sunbathing to soothe your sunburn, or you can douse a cotton pad in the rose water and swipe it over your face and it will act as a toner.

This product smells gorgeous, it's a very subtle rose scent and doesn't smell artificial at all.
It does a great job of refreshing and hydrating my skin too, I like to spray it over my makeup too when I've been wearing it a long time and its gotten a bit dry and cakey.
RRP for this product is £16.00 and it's available at

Saturday, 17 January 2015

LookFantastic January Beauty Box.

Hello custard creams!
I've been a massive fan of these LookFantastic beauty boxes lately, but last months disappointed me quite a lot which is why I didn't post about it, I just couldn't find the motivation to talk about the underwhelming products.
But I thought I'd still carry on with them because the previous three had been so good, Decembers box was probably just a dud! 
And I'm happy to report that that was the case, the January box is back on brilliant form!

MyVitamins Performance Effervescent tablets - £4.99
I was pretty psyched to see these in the box because I love Berocca tablets but I never buy them because they're too expensive, it's just a pity these are lemon flavoured because that is definitely not my favourite taste!
I'm yet to try these but they should be good for a little energy boost, I might try them before work one day and see if it makes any difference, but I think I would need to whole pack at once to get me motivated at work!!

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence spray - £6.99
I've had this in a beauty box before but I've almost used up that sample now, I really enjoy this and it makes my hair much easier to comb through.
I like the smell, it reminds me of a certain type of sweet but for the life of me I can't remember which kind! But a product smelling like any kind of sweet is always a winner for me.

Gatineau Strategie Jeunesse Eye Pads - £5.75
I love things that are cooling on my eyes, and Gatineau is such a good brand that I'm sure these will be very good, but I'm not sure I can see any lasting effects from just one use.

3''' More Inches shampoo & conditioner by Michael Van Clarke - £8.00 each
Well we're already well into profit with this box, definitely worth the £15.00 I paid for it!
This shampoo and conditioner really intrigue me, it sounds like something I could definitely use as I have quite fine hair and I bleach the ends so hopefully this will do my strands some good!
It smells lovely, I've only used it once so far so I can't speak for its abilities quite yet, but it left my hair nice and soft and clean feeling.

Molton Brown Templetree body wash - £6.00
I wasn't very excited when I saw this body wash in there because, let's face it, they're all pretty much the same! And I thought this sounded like some floral number that wouldn't be up my street at all, but I couldn't be more wrong!
This smells minty and fresh and I think I'm going to save it for Summertime when you need a nice minty shower gel to stop you feeling like a sweaty mess (TMI maybe haha).

Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute - £18.50
This has to be the star player in this box for sure!
A full size NUXE product is always going to please everyone, but also the fact it's a face mask and not yet another moisturiser is great!
This is similar to the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask, you put it on and either wipe it off with tissue after 10 minutes or, if you need more of a moisture boost, just leave it on overnight and in the morning your skin will feel more refreshed!
I like this mask, but as far as hydrating masks go my favourite is Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment mask, it completely clears up dry patches after one use and it's one of my holy grail products.

There we go! This was a really good box and definitely amazing value for the money!
You can still buy this box here for £15.00, snap it up before it's gone because these boxes don't hang around!
Bye! x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Superdrug Haul.

Hello peeps! 
I thought I'd share with you my most recent purchases from good old Superdrug! 
I have to admit, as much as I love Boots, I am a sucker for Superdrug, it seems a lot more friendly and welcoming to me, not because of the staff or anything, it's just a bit of a younger vibe that I get off Superdrug!
Plus I tend to find it's a tad cheaper than Boots, and for someone who buys as much makeup as me I need to get it as cheap as I can!

 As you can see, I have a little bit of love for the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes, from the top (from L-R) is Cardamon, Paprika, Olive, Chai and Coconut.
These are probably my favourite nail varnishes ever, I love China Glaze and Essie but you can't beat these for price and formula.

 I, like the rest of the female population of the world, am looking for my perfect ''Kylie Jenner'' lip colour so I thought I'd pick up a lip liner for my nude lipsticks, and I can also use this all over the lips for a long-lasting matte lipstick.
This is the Collection Lip Definer in Cappucino, it's probably a bit brown toned for my liking so it isn't perfect, but still great considering it was only £2.79!

I have tried the Maybelline tinted brow gel and I enjoyed using it, so I thought I'd give Rimmels version a try.
I like it, but the brush is too large and picks up too much product to give you a precise application, which is a shame because I think if they adjusted those things about it this would be a fab little product.
This was £3.99.

 I've heard Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup rave about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks but until now I'd never been tempted by them, but lately I've been wearing non-stop matte lipsticks so I decided to give them a punt whilst they were on offer, and I don't regret it!
They don't dry completely matte, it's a nice, forgiving satin finish.
I find the formula of these quite thin though, I need two thin coats of it to achieve the opacity you see above, but nevertheless I do really like them and they last forever on my lips!
The top colour is Ole! Flamingo and the bottom is Chilli Pepper and these retail for £8.99.

 Another lipstick in the quest to find my Kylie Jenner perfection!
This one also didn't cut the mustard, but it's still a pretty nude and good to have in my collection to grab whenever I'm stuck for ideas on what lip to wear.
I love the creamy formula of these Maybelline lipsticks too, I'm definitely going to buy some more in this nude range!
The shade is Coffee Craze and they retail for £6.99.

 This is probably my biggest rave of the post, and one of my top lip finds for last year if I'm honest!
These Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils are such a gorgeous formula, easy to apply and the colour range is really varied.
I have this in Nude Perfection too and that is my staple nude, so I thought I'd pick up a nice bright to see how it compared, and I love it!
In With Coral reminds me a lot of MAC's Viva Glam Nicki, except a whole £10.00 cheaper!
I would definitely recommend you pick up some of these gorgeous lip pencils, you won't regret it!

That's my Superdrug haul! I've definitely got into the swing of buying lip products again, after not buying many for a long while, this definitely spells trouble....!
Bye! x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015 #3 - Worst Dressed.

Hello lovelies!
This is my final post in my Golden Globes trilogy, and it's probably the most interesting one (in my eyes anyway!), it's the worst dressed post!
There wasn't many sartorial disasters this year, the celebs did well, but there was still enough to fill a post, so here goes!

Lena Dunham
Now this isn't as big a disaster as previous years (I still have nightmares about her shockingly bad Emmy's 2014 outfit) but I still would like to see her in something more fitted and figure flattering.
Her hair and makeup looks nice enough, if only the waist of her dress was more fitted this would be a much better look.

Michelle Monaghan
Chainmail effect is very 90's, so are the spaghetti straps.
Small boobs look great in skimpy dresses, but this dress makes her look like she has the body of a 5 year old body, shame because her hair and makeup is on point!

Tina Fey
The top part of this dress looks fine, a bit too bridal but otherwise not too bad, but the bottom half looks like one of those puffy, tall hats that chefs wear.
She was the host of the show so if I was her I'd have made sure I made more effort than this.

Rosamund Pike
  I feel bad putting Rosamund here because she looks fantastic considering she just gave birth about a week ago!
But this dress was a bad choice, it hangs off her body and makes her look chunkier than she is, maybe if it was a bit tighter it would suit her better but as it is it's a no from me.

Ruth Wilson
I love Ruth, I think she's absolutely beautiful and she seems like she has a great attitude to fame and celebrity, but this dress isn't doing it for me at all!
It reminds me of a sleeping bag, quite thick and unforgiving material and the colour is quite bizarre and sludgy!

Lana Del Rey
Lana is obviously a very pretty woman, but something seems to have gone awry here!
Her face reminds me of a programme I once saw about men who wear full body and face suits made out of rubber, that makes them look like blow up dolls...If you saw the programme I'm talking about then you'll see the resemblance, I don't really want to put a picture of the life size doll-men in question as they freak me out a little bit....

That's the end of my third and final post on the Golden Globes! I hope you enjoyed them all, I look forward to the next major awards show (Bafta's are next I think?) when I can do the same kind of thing then :)
Toodles! x
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Golden Globes 2015 #2 - Best Dressed Men (Hello Hotties!).

Hi guys!
Time to bring some sexy back to my blog! 
There was a lot of gorgeous men out in force at this years Golden Globes so I thought I'd dedicate a full post to them!
Get a tissue, because you're about to be drooling.......

Jamie Dornan
This man is just far too beautiful, even more so with this beard! There's something about a man with slicked back hair, a tidy beard and a really smart suit, makes me go weak at the knees! 
His bow-tie could be a little straighter though, if we're being pedantic ;)

Matt Bomer
This guy wears the hell out of a suit, he's one of the best looking men on TV and his character in White Collar is known for his smart style, so Matt really does have to pull out all the stops on the red carpet!
This colour really suits him, it brings out the colour of his baby blues and the suit fits him like a particularly well-fitting glove.

Paul Rudd
To be honest, this isn't a particularly innovative red carpet look, nice fitting trousers, maybe a tad too long and the suit jacket looks slightly small for him, but I just love this guy so I had to include him!
He has such a happy, smiley face, I can't resist him!

Eddie Redmayne
Only a Brit boy can get away with wearing a velvet suit jacket! 
He's like a 21st century Austin Powers!
It looks like it's not quite black, possibly navy which makes it a bit softer.
Look at how shiny those shoes are too!!
Eddie is amazing in The Theory of Everything and I'm so glad he took home the award for Best Actor on the night, and he looked super stylish doing it!

Jake Gyllenhaal
Another guy who's using the slicked back hair/beard/suit formula to great effect!
Jake is one of my favourite boys to see on the red carpet because he always keeps it classy and stylish, but with a face like that how can you really get it wrong?!

Scott Eastwood
This tall drink of water is the son of film legend Clint Eastwood, and he has inherited that moody stare of him!
Scott looks great in this unconventional suit, he isn't wearing a tie of any kind which might be a bit casual for some but I think it makes him look cool and casual, new crush alert!!

David Oyelowo
It's always great to see someone take a risk that pays off, and David has achieved that feat!
It's a subtle glitter that he carries off with confidence, and look at those shoes!!
I think it's awesome to see someone not following the norm of red carpet looks, round of applause David!!

Phew, I think we all need a minute after all of those hotties in a row! 
The Golden Globes this year has been a plethora of great style decisions, of course there was a few misses too (next post coming up!) but for the most part the stars really nailed it!
Bye! x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015 #1 - Best Dressed Women.

Hi fashionistas!
I'm going to do a trio of posts today about the great, the good and the ghastly from the Golden Globes.
When I was going through all of the arrivals photos I realised that if I included all of the best and worst dressed in one post it would be far too long, so I thought I'd split it into three, womens best dressed, mens best dressed and worst dressed!
I'm kicking it off with the biggest category, womens best dressed!

Amy Adams
This ice blue gown is just stunning, it complements her colouring perfectly and the shape of the gown really flatters her petite frame.
I love that she's kept her makeup nice and simple, any sort of bold lip would have clashed with this shade of blue I think.

Emily Blunt
I love the stunning simplicity of this dress, it looks slightly Grecian so the hairstyle really sets it off perfectly.
White dresses can sometimes look a bit too bridal for the red carpet but the little bit of flesh she's flashing takes it away from bridal and makes it glam and young!
I like the discrete turquoise accents in the jewelery too.

Alison Williams
True red carpet glamour for sure!
She's gone for retro glam with the hair as well, I love it when stars do these sort of pin curls, I think it looks really old school.
I think I would have toned down the eyes a little but, but other than that her makeup is bronzey and beautiful.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy has great style, but she tends to go for more cleavage exposing dresses usually so this pretty embellished number is a welcome change!
It's still a little bit risque with a little bit of leg on show, but just the right amount.
The dress must have taken so long to make with that intricate beading!
The messy ponytail is the perfect accompaniment to the dress, it brings a casual air to a really high-glamour dress.
I'd love to know what nail varnish she's wearing as well, but that's the beauty junkie in me ;)

Diane Kruger
Seems to be quite a lot of embellishments on the red carpet this year! This full on luxe glittery gown is amazing, so structured.
She keeps the look clean cut with her smooth hair and minimal makeup, this girl certainly knows how to put an outfit together!

Emma Stone
I always like to see someone doing something a bit different on the red carpet and this glitzy jumpsuit from Emma really fits that bill!
It could be a bit bizarre with the train hanging off the side but she keeps everything else simple, and her makeup looks stunning!

Sienna Miller
 This is probably my favourite look from the whole night, for a start her face is radiant! That smile is her best accessory (cheesy), I love her with short hair!
The dress is so beautiful on her too, it looks vintage and elegant, I adore the beading and the low cut neckline still looks classy on her because she is small-chested, I'm so jealous of small boobed girls!! They can get away with SO much more style-wise.

Heidi Klum
This look is probably my runner-up to Sienna, it's just the epitome of glamour! Heidi is a glamazonian lady, and this looks like something a contestant in the Miss America 1995 pageant would wear, but in a good way haha!

Felicity Jones
What a lady!
Felicity shows that you don't have to flash copious amounts of flesh to look good at an awards show, the colour and the cut of this dress is perfection and I love the sleek, 50's style updo.

There's my best dressed women! Tomorrow I'll have up my best dressed men and worst dressed posts, hope you enjoyed this post, let me know who your style winners were!
Toodles! x
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